Erbarmen als soziale Form

   The Art Project of Caritas in Köln

Concept (engl.) Workshop (engl.)

Werkstatt, 20.2.2013

Werkstatt, 20.2.2013 

Workshop discussions: Partnerships, active participants, locations

If there is no overview of the relationship between givers and receivers, it becomes difficult to maintain the usual hierarchy of promoters, sponsors, contracting entities, media partners, authorising bodies and general best boys. On the contrary: even at the level of active participants it is about calling into question the usual structures. Obviously on an institutional level Caritas, and more particularly the Diocesan Caritas Association and Caritas in Cologne, is crucially involved: as initiator, as contracting entity, as structural model, familiar with the situation on the ground and not least as the beneficiary of the art projects.

With Kolumba (the
Art Museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne), the initiator Ludger Hengefeld found an extremely competent partner to get the astonishing dynamic of the project going, both in the initial phase and afterwards. The artists Frank Bölter, Dorothea Bohde, Felix Droese, Alfons Holtgreve, Petra Johnson, Reinhard Matz, Norbert Radermacher, Johanna Reich, Manuel Schroeder, Franziska Windisch und Petr Zubek have each developed their own project, which is about to be implemented. The title of the project was conceived by Felix Droese, who gave a reflective keynote speech on the theme. Others will follow. The theologian Ralf Miggelbrink brought valuable stimuli to the group, explaining the phrase "life in all its fullness" or the connections between the words "compassionate" and "womb" in Hebrew. The Curator, Johannes Stahl, comes into the game as a proven arts facilitator, whose contribution to the overall project and the presence of the works of art is similar to that of a supportive and critical editor to an author.